Doffo Family Bios

Marcelo Doffo

The passion that exists within every bottle of Doffo wine originates from their Italian ancestors who immigrated to Argentina in the early 1900’s. Marcelo’s grandfather, Bernandino, settled in Pampas, Argentina where he grew wheat, corn and raised cattle. Marcelo grew up on that land and it was there that his love and dedication to the art of cultivation began.

As a young man, Marcelo immigrated to the United States and began a new life journey. In 1985 he visited the old country in the northern region of Turin, Italy and discovered that his great uncle still made estate wine. Marcelo returned home anxious to try his hand at home-made wine. Two years later, in 1997 he was awarded the silver medal from the Orange County Wine Society.

This experience and honor sealed his fate. That same year he purchased an old cattle farm complete with the
region’s last remaining historic, one-room school house. The school house reminded him of a similar place
he attended as a small child. Starting with bare property, Marcelo painstakingly prepared the soil and installed
trellises and irrigation lines by hand. He then planted his first crops consisting of Cabernet Sauvignon and
Syrah with a small percentage of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. Every step in the cultivation of Doffo wine
is hands-on to achieve maximum quality. Four years later, Marcelo was proud to introduce his new wines.

Through this he learned just how difficult and rewarding owning and caring for a vineyard could be. He also
learned that with enough perseverance there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome. Today Marcelo’s wines
are the most sought after in the region. He has a true passion for both wine and racing vintage motorcycles.
If you are lucky you might find him in the tasting room talking about both.

Damian Doffo

As the son of Marcelo Doffo, Damian grew up with farming and wine in his blood. His father Marcelo, a big wine enthusiast, was eager to share his knowledge and family heritage with his son and Damian was eager to learn. In the early days of winemaking in the backyard Damian would help out washing bottles for 10 cents apiece. That was a long time ago and thanks to his father’s mentoring he has since developed into an promising apprentice winemaker. He developed his sophisticated palate drinking big Bordeaux wines but it was his father’s teaching that expanded his knowledge to include all aspects of owning a winery and vineyard. He always knew he would combine his family heritage with his love for big red wines and would one day join the family winery. After graduating with a language degree from Cal Poly, he cut his teeth in corporate sales for 3 years. In early 2010 he joined the family winery on a full time basis and hasn’t looked back.

The days are hard and long but it is what he loves. As the production manager and assistant winemaker, Damian is proud to carry on the Doffo legacy his father started. When not in the vineyard or wine cellar, he can be found in the tasting room sharing passion. The focus is on the wines but the experience you receive at Doffo is very important to the family and especially to Damian.

Zulma Doffo

The “behind-the-scenes” and essential Doffo team member who keeps events and the wine club running is Marcelo’s wife, Zulma. Zulma is most likely the person you will speak with on the phone when making tasting reservations, wine club inquiries or need information about Doffo. A True Doffo Brand Ambassador, Zulma is a vital part of Doffo operations. She serves as the director of events, wine club, and customer relations. Not to mention she is the Empanada Queen!

With her welcoming smile, Zulma remembers everyone and all the little details that are so important. She is a big part of the famous Doffo hospitality each visitor and returning guest experiences.She also makes a great Chimichurri!

 Doffo Family

The Doffo Family
On the weekends you may find any of the family members in the tasting room waiting to assist you.
Parents: Marcelo and  Zulma.
The kids: Samantha; Brigitte; Damian and his wife, Vanessa; Karla and Tamy.
The grandkids: Tiago, Fiorella and Leila.