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Featured Wine of the Month – The 2016 Rosario

Welcome to our Featured Wine Series! Each month Damian will profile a different Doffo wine, giving you a little bit of back story about the winemaking process, what to expect when you taste it, and what kinds of foods to pair it with. We hope you enjoy and visit us in Temecula soon to learn more about our handcrafted wines! Our featured wine of the month is the 2016 Rosario! 

2016 Rosario

Spring is officially in full swing here at Doffo Winery! With beautiful roses blooming all over our vineyards, we thought it would be the perfect time to feature our 2016 Rosario!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with our Rosario, it is a rosé style of wine. A rosé requires a certain level of skill, making it a fun and challenging wine to create.  The trick with rosé is making sure the grape skins aren’t exposed to the juice for too long, resulting in the lighter color. This technique is called Saigneé- which comes from the French word for “bleeding”. The red grapes are crushed and left to soak with the skins on for a shorter amount of time, then the juice is strained from the solid parts and fermented in tanks. After fermenting in the tanks for a day or two- we begin bleeding off the juice. When making a rosé, one must be careful the wine doesn’t oxidize, as it can be easily look rusted.

The final product should yield a perfectly rosy color, just like our Rosario!

On the nose you will get hints of ripe strawberries, with a nice balance of acidity on the tongue. Our Rosario has a nice, dry finish, with just the right amount of sweetness. This wine is light, crisp and is easy to drink, making it the perfect addition to your upcoming Mother’s Day brunch!

When to Drink: Ready to drink now.

Pair it With: We suggest serving this wine slightly chilled and enjoying it with all of your favorite brunch items. From savory to sweet!

Winemaking Stats: Alcohol 13.7%

We only produce a limited quantity of our 2016 Rosario, so make sure to add it to your collection while you can!

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