Damian Doffo, Featured Wine

Featured Wine- 2016 Viognier

Welcome to our Featured Wine Series! Each month Damian will profile a different Doffo wine, giving you a little bit of back story about the winemaking process, what to expect when you taste it, and what kinds of foods to pair it with. We hope you enjoy and visit us in Temecula soon to learn more about our handcrafted wines! Our featured wine of the month for March is the 2016 Viognier! 

2016 Viognier

We welcome Spring with our March Featured Wine, the 2016 Viognier! If you’re having trouble saying it properly, we have a trick for remembering it.

It’s pronounced V(the letter)-OWN (like you own it) – YAY (like a celebration)-

Much like the 2015, the 2016 Viognier was produced in-house using our concrete fermentation egg. The interaction of the porous concrete during the fermentation cycle delivers a rich texture and a unique minerality, with a balanced acidity on the palate.

On the nose you’ll get a bright bouquet of sweet aromatic tones, including passion fruit and hints of tropical fruit as well. These aromatics are deceiving, however, when it comes to the taste of the wine.

While the aroma suggests a sweet wine, on the palate the 2016 Viognier has ruby grapefruit tones and the finish is more dry with no residual sweetness.  The 2016 Viognier offers a beautiful balance of acid that liberates the soft tones of honeysuckle and apricot. This wine has bite, with a crisp and refreshing finish.

When to Drink:  Ready to drink now.

Pair it With:  We suggest serving this wine chilled on a warm summer day by the pool. It pairs well with lighter fair, like a Waldorf salad or simple antipasto platter.

Winemaking Stats:  Alcohol 14%  |  pH 3.63  |  Total Acidity 6.40 gr/L

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