Show Us How You Doffo- Photo Contest Winners!

It’s no secret that we have the best customers at Doffo Winery! So we wanted to hold a special photo contest that showcased all of the ways they like to enjoy their Doffo Wine.

The Show Us How You Doffo Contest asked our fans to submit photos of the most interesting places and ways they drink their Doffo. We enjoyed looking through the dozens of entries, and are excited to share the winning photos and stories that go along with them!

Our first winner was Melissa M, aka Missy! Missy shared a beautiful photo of our 2014 Salute overlooking the ocean in Carlsbad as she and her friends prepared to watch the sunset.

Missy and husband Dana have been Doffo Wine Club Members for about 3 years now and are frequent guests in our tasting room. In fact, Missy celebrated her last birthday here with us in August!

“All of the Doffo family is awesome and they have all poured for us from time to time including Marcelo, Damian, Brigitte and Samantha. They have the best customer service by far of any winery as they try to have as many people helping in the tasting room as possible, so no one has to wait. We went to their pick up party last weekend and got to meet Lorenzo – the newest Doffo who was born 6 weeks ago. It was Brigitte’s first day back in the tasting room with him!”

Our next winner was Randy W! Randy snapped a shot of our 2014 Syrah as he spent some time in the studio.

Randy, a musician and long time wine club member, has a rocking job as a drum technician for Ted Nugent! “I’ve been with Ted for 3 years now. I also do music for TV with my neighbor David Ellefson of Megadeth. I guess you could say it’s a good gig! When I’m not on tour I go back home to LA and hang in Temecula to visit Doffo of course.”

Another great photo entry came from winner Le Anne D! Le Anne, also a wine club member, submitted a photo of our 2014 Salute up in the wilderness of Idyllwild! She and her husband took their kids for a relaxing weekend in the woods and brought a bottle of Doffo along for the trip!

“We spent our days hiking and playing in the creek and our nights listening to records, looking at the stars and playing board games. I love Doffo wines and brought the Salute to enjoy in the evening. It was so peaceful on the patio with my wine. The sounds of the kids playing in the creek, the birds and breeze through the trees. It was the perfect escape.”

Thank you to all of the winners and everyone who participated in our contest! Don’t worry, if you didn’t get a chance to play, we’ll be doing another round soon! In the meantime, make sure to always tag your photos with #howdoyoudoffo. Until then, Salute!